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EMBODYING LIFE What does it actually mean? The more I think about it the more I'm realizing and the more I'm seeing within the coaching industry, that this is truly about doing life YOUR way. This is about you really anchoring down into... ✨Who are you? ✨Where do you want your boundaries to stand? ✨What do you want your business to look like? ✨What do you want your family life to feel like? ✨What mood do you want to wake up in every morning? ✨What do you want to feel like when you go to bed at night and you sleep? ✨How do you want to sleep? ✨How do you want your friendships and relationships to feel like? ✨What do you want your bank account to look like? ✨What brings you laughter and joy? ✨What kind of experiences do you want to have in this lifetime? ✨What luxurious materialistic things would you like to acquire without guilt or doubt? ✨What do you want your days and weekends to look like? ✨What do you want your work schedule to look like? I invite you to sit back and really answer these questions either write them down or simply go through them in your head but truly think about them. We are here to embody ourselves. To really truly live life the way that we want it. 🌿No one else gets to tell us how we live our life. 🌿No one else gets to affect us with their judgment when they tell us how to live our lives. 🌿No one gets to project on us their schedules their demands and their desires. 🌿No one gets to make us feel inferior without our permission and we should never be giving that. ✨You are not less than if you're doing something different than another. ✨You are not inferior if you don't have what another has ✨Money doesn't dictate your worth. Life is changing, time is modifying, energy is shifting at quantum speed, things are happening within us that are out of our control and the world is stepping into a new era. The spiritual ones are feeling this on a 5D level, and if you're not into spirituality which is fine, you might be feeling chaotic, lost, confused, exhausted, sleeping weird, feeling like your energies aren't yours, not sure what you want to do anymore, really desiring so much more and knowing that you're here for more, lack of confidence but knowing in the inside that you're pure power..... It is time. It is time for us to all step into what we truly desire. It is all our obligations to ground into Who we are so that we no longer react with haste and reflections. It is time for us to dig deeper into Who we are and to become our best selves. It is time for us to stop pointing at one another and to start taking responsibility for how we can contribute better. It is time for love and compassion to take the front seat above all. It is time for all that you desire. Are you ready? We start July 1St. I'm not playing around anymore. It's time. DM me....6 weeks. Intense showing up. Instance accountability. Intense Voxer Support and group zoom calls. Intense chakra work. Intense Mindset Shifts. Intense healings. Intense activations. And very Intense transformations. Week 1. Chakra work 2. Self care 3. Rituals and Mindset 4. Home Feng Shui & Protection 5. Crystals and Daily use 6. Healing yourself Daily check-ins and accountability, daily access to me on Voxer to ask me anything that you need. Weekly healings and also weekly zoom community calls! So much goodness!! You're going to learn to do life YOUR WAY. 1555 or 6x 275 July 1. INTENSIFY.

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