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Snowflake Obsedian

Snowflake Obsedian

Beautiful sliced piece of snowflake obsidian originated from Spain.

A stone of purity, Snowflake Obsidian provides balance for body, mind and spirit. It helps you recognise and release “wrong thinking” and stressful mental patterns. Promotes dispassion and inner centring. Snowflake Obsidian empowers isolation and loneliness, aiding surrender in meditation.

 Snowflake obsidian can also remove negativity from a space or person with ease. 

Snowflake Obsidian, Healing and Health. The Snowflake Obsidian is an excellent detoxification stone. It will help your body get rid of toxins that are preventing it from functioning at 100% and even enable you to lose weight. The energies of the Snowflake Obsidian can also give you a smoother skin and clearer vision.

About 4 " in diameter.

Cleared and charged under the full moon and set with intentions just for you!
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