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I wake up every morning really content now. This wasn't always the case, not even months ago was I waking up worried and completely immersed in my own fear and worry. I'm going through an up level. A deep amazing up level. My gifts are expanding, my intuition is increasing, my faith runs so deep and I now get it. I finally get it! I have been showing up for myself every single day, every single minute up leveling myself, questioning myself, digging deep to see where these emotions are coming from, the traumas.... doing the deep healing and the nervous system calibrating and the mindset shifting. I have been showing up so deeply for myself, being pushed and held accountable by my coaches. This is why I do what I do and why I have chosen to step into my soul purpose of serving women to redefine themselves after they've gotten lost. There's so many reasons that I could sit here and list for hours of the reasons why we as people lose ourselves in our lives. Traumas, programming, experiences, society and so much more. I see now more than ever that we are here to be happy. I see now that we all deserve individually our own happiness, our own desires to be met and to live life happy and fulfilled not always stressed out and feeling crappy. I spent so many years feeling crappy, feeling alone and feeling invisible in the world. I see now more clearly than ever that we are the only ones that create our lives. It is imperative that we get control of our thoughts and that we really start to set the intention and be mindful and purposeful with each thought. And it takes reprogramming to get rid of some of the old thoughts that take up space. I've spent a lot of time alone, as I have a lot of online friends but not many physical ones so the time spent not online is me doing a lot of the internal shadow work. Spending time in your mind however is not the only place you're supposed to be. We need to quiet the mind so that we can actually start to hear our higher self. Because a lot of the thoughts that we have in our mind are subconscious ones and even the conscious ones that don't align always with what is in our highest good. How often do you take note of your thoughts? In every single one of my coaching programs, I do an energy clearing to cut the cords to a lot of these stagnant thoughts that are stuck within us. These vibrational energies that are negative and that hold us down. After doing the clearing, we start to do deep work for you to start to take note of how you think and how it's affecting your life. I've had clients have epiphanies within the first day, not believing how much negativity they are bringing through their lives with their thoughts. Your thoughts literally are everything! Is your mind simply thinking endlessly all day long or are you mindful and intentional of what thoughts you allow to take place? If anything that is a foundation in my coaching it's clearing the energy and making space for the new thoughts that create a better life for you. Everything in your life is created by your thoughts so where there is imbalance and unhappiness, there is negative thinking.

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