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SACRAL CHAKRA? A key to your soul purpose and passion

Sometimes when we are so hyper focused on something we don't realize that we're missing out on other parts of our lives. I'm so passionate and so deeply invested in my company, in serving, in bettering myself and making this world a better place by leading people back to their happiness back to their souls and back to their path. I've leaped many many times in my life, jumped off the cliffs into the unknown! A year ago I realized how stagnant my life was. I put into the universe that I really wanted a different environment. That I wanted to expand my brain. That I wanted to see life differently. Now at 10 months, I'm realizing that no matter how much we move around the world, it is always true what they say when you take your baggage with you. But sometimes when you remove yourself from the same environment every single day, you actually start to open up your suitcase and see what's really in it, what kind of baggage you're really carrying around. These last 10 months have been nothing shy of struggle, epiphanies, leaps into faith, shedding of deep deep fear, self-realizations and holding the mirror up to my hypocrisies and my procrastinations. The last 10 months have been deeply revealing to myself, as I up level into my gifts and help others do the same in themselves. Today I realized one of the biggest reasons why I had moved was still unaccomplished. Living. I've spent so much time in my head as I moved through all of these transitions the past few months, reprogramming my fear, retraining my mindsets, realigning my paradigms to what feels great to my path. I've spent so much time in my soul that I haven't been spending a lot of time in my human form. My human form has been suffering from the things that I have been shedding, as I move through these massive up levels. So today I remind you and I ask you... ✨ARE you TRULY living??? ✨Is having fun truly a part of your everyday? ✨Does Joy make its way into your life and is it a constant? ✨Do you spend your time in lack mentality or in attraction? ✨Do you worry more than you think about all the things you can't wait to happen because they excite you? ✨Are you stuck in the what ifs and not living in the what now?? As we move into the second half of our year of 2022, I am taking inventory of what I have accomplished this year and it is mind blowing. But when I asked myself these questions, when I think about the laughter and the joy and the experiences, this is something that I want to start increasing in my life and manifesting more of. Keep in mind what we think about is what we attract so if we are constantly up leveling constantly in our Ascension process, we will keep attracting more reasons to up level. So taking the break, to just be in the now, quiet the brain and evening out the dust. So much love to you!! Opening up the presale of the sacral chakra clearings that we will be starting tomorrow! There are only eight spots of chakra healings and activations for this week. They are open for 77 each and we'll go up to 122 on Monday. ✴️The sacral chakra will be focused around creativity, passion, our womb space, our uterus and sex organs, intestinal...... This area also focus on your life path. Your soul's purpose. DM for the presale price link and let's get you balanced through the week. The sacral is one that we often forget and is yet one of the most important ones. 🧿✨🙏

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