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Simple way to call your Energy back

WHAT'S MINE IS MINE. WHAT'S YOURS IS YOURS. Repeating these words three times by holding one of your palms outwardly, your left and the other one on your chest on your heart space, is one of the ways that I call my energy back to me at the end of every day or when I'm feeling off. Throughout the day we are little sponges, going around sometimes collecting the energy of others without even realizing it. If we are not aware how to put our protection up, how to put a barrier around us, and how to filter what comes in and around us, we can easily absorb what is not ours. Sometimes, as a healer, if I'm going through something of my own, every blue moon I will sometimes slip up on my protection. I will get worn out, I will start to feel negative, feel like I have the flu, irritated and sometimes angry. When this happens it usually takes me a bit, but then I start to notice and I'm able to call my energy back. We interact with so many people throughout the day, everyone responding from their own perspectives and their own traumas and their own history. People snap at each other, people will put their needs and desires on others and the responsibility of the joy that follows it. More and more as a society, we are becoming more self-serving. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, but when it is a collective we can start to look out for ourselves without compassion or consciousness of others. The energy can be toxic to others and then absorbed. If you work around people, whether it's directly on the phone, online or in person, and you don't have your protection up, you will be a sponge at the end of the day carrying emotions and feelings that aren't even yours. So at the beginning and end of the day, try this practice of placing your hand on your heart, your left hand outward as if it was on someone's chest, and your right hand on your heart space. And simply say out loud the words above. This will help call your energy back and allow it to be yours. Have a beautiful Sunday. Behave from compassion, act from Love and come from understanding. 🙏🧿✨

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