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Daily self love etiquette

We grow up usually knowing what side to put our spoon and fork on. We know to cover our mouths when we cough and ironically more nowadays, to wash our hands after we go to the bathroom. All these are things that we know to do, simple etiquette.

However when it comes to the spiritual world, what exactly is etiquette? I myself started pondering on this after a really deep meditation that I went into the other day. I realized there are certain things that we should and should not do when it comes to the spiritual world, to the actual awakening process. Some of these things that we should or should not do, that actually hinder or support our process.

This blog is something new, something I'm excited and also scared about. I'm hoping that it has a long purpose, that it serves well to others and that it also fuels me into getting creative into writing again. This blog is going to be focused on SPIRITUAL ETIQUETTE, what that is to me, and each day I hope to break that down into little bitty pieces that help you get onto a new path of happiness, joy and simple empowerment.

Today for example I want to go into the idea of self-love etiquette. We don't talk about the do's and don'ts of what we should do when it comes to self care and self-love. As a society that is by tradition taught to ourselves that we ourselves come last on our priority list. I'm here to tell you that that's a no-no in the spiritual etiquette world lol! We are now evolving into a new society where self-love and self-care are not related to selfishness. No no no!

One of the most absolute pieces of etiquette on a daily routine for yourself is taking that space when you first wake up. There's some beliefs, that when you sleep you travel to the 5th dimension rounds. So if you wake up suddenly or by alarm sometimes you wake up super groggy and out of it, the belief is that your soul has not returned yet to your human body. by allowing this space you are connecting your two-dimensional and your five-dimensional being together quietly and peacefully rather than shockingly.

When you also take that space when you first wake up to allow your thoughts to slowly come back, to not think about what you have to do for the day however but to take moments, even moments for 10 deep long breaths in and out, will set you up for a more balanced and positive day. By behavior trained, we pop off our beds ready to jump into a day full of stress, however by doing that we completely fall into yesterday's shoes.

Another one of my absolute favorites to do in the morning is that of writing your gratitude list. I know I know it can sound a bit honky-wonky but you have no idea the power of energy. And that is simply what writing your gratitude list is all about, removing your thought process from thinking and focusing on the negative or on the stressy things and more focusing on the things that have made you happy and that you're thankful for. This will vibrate in turn a very powerful energy that will bring towards you exactly what you want!

Try something new, try waking up and slowly putting your feet on the ground and taking a couple breaths and simply saying "thank you". Maybe while you're brushing your teeth think of five things that you're absolutely grateful for. Don't be overwhelmed because little tiny shifts in your behavior will actually slowly start to seep into a new pattern and a new awakening process.

Every single little positive thing sums up to one big happy life!

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