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What is going to invite change in you? A lot of us wake up every morning, we might complain and judge how our day is going, how the world is, what's going on next door or how that person is treating us or what our life is like. We might complain about our job, our partner, our kids....or just a mere fact that we're tired of doing the same mundane thing over and over again every single day. But are you actually doing something about it? Are you actually making changes or you just caught up in the complaint of it? Let's get to the core of the really deep true issue. It's you. It's your thoughts. It's your behavior. It's your beliefs. The world isn't showing us anything but the fact that we need to start living the life that we came here to more than ever. This is an Awakening for you to start showing up and to make the change that you need to do in your own life to start living happily, safely, content and securely. I want my stories, my leaps into the unknown, my struggles and my humbleness, my experiences and my teachings and my learnings to jolt you, to inspire you, and to invite you to realize that anything is possible. You could wake up one day and literally move your entire life to a whole another country, for a whole nother mental expansion, for incredible new experiences, for visual excitement and fulfillment, for cultural hunger fulfilled and so much more. You can literally change your life overnight. If you don't like the way your life is, you need to change it. But that change comes in within you. YOU need to change your life, your beliefs, your thoughts, and/or the people you are around. I spent years kicking against an iron fence, tired of feeling shitty and overcoming the obstacles daily, being told by psychic after psychic that I did not belong where I was, birth charts showing ley lines that were contradictory to where I was living. Finally enough was enough and I knew that I was called for more. What isn't working MUST change. Do you get the nudge to do something? Do you get a tiny little whisper that tells you that you are deserving of more? That you need to do more or serve more or be more? To experience more? To laugh more?? To live more? What is it going to take for you to make a change, to make a nudge of difference in what you do daily so that you can get different results? I dropped it all, I gave it all up, I said goodbye to everything and everyone almost without being noticed on my exit, after 25 years. I stepped two feet into the complete unknown and uncharted consumed by excitement and a shit ton of fear. Crumbling humbling fear. And now I'm happier than ever. We are happier then ever. And now I can't imagine myself living in the life that I was only 8 months ago. I am no longer that person. I no longer resonate with that lifestyle or that mindset. I no longer am the person that suffered, that doubted, that feared..... and I AM the person that I always dreamed to be and now I dream to be more. It's time to make a nudge. It's time to make a change. What are you going to do to invite yourself to change the things in your life so that you can be happy? There is no other time but now. The worst feeling is regret. Time is flying faster now more than ever. A year ago I was depressed, lost, no direction, lonely, unhealthy, exhausted from abusive trauma, and thought I was in a hole that I had no way out of for a long time. Repetitive cycles, mundane rituals...... .... and now today I sit in paradise, surrounded by my dreams flourished, aspirations for more and a faith that I never knew I could have. With literally the World as our option. Can you fathom that? Having what you truly want?? Time is an illusion, your feelings and your thoughts are compass to your truth. Are you following them?? DM for IGNITE....8 weeks to get you back to your center, reignite yourself in life and desire every day to express yourself more and more within this lifetime to find joy, balance and a true anchoring to living life. Let's chat for options if you need them. I just want you to feel Happy, at the core, even through life's tragedies, where your Faith feels strong and your soul is in the knowing. 1555 in full with bonus* Or payments available It's truly time to be IGNITED You deserve it. You truly really deserve to be happy. (And happiness isn't a feeling, it's a knowing.) 🦋✨🧿

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