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The force of intention. When we put deep solid intention into something, someone or a situation or a desire, the forces behind it magnify. Whether the intention is negative or positive, the effects of strong intention will shift reality and make what you are thinking come true.

In a society where negativity and fear have been making their appearance, we find ourselves complaining, getting caught up in the negativity and the noise of the world,. But, how many days do we actually wake up with a clear intention of how we want the day to go? A clear intention of how we are going to vibrate during that day? A clear intention of how we want to manifest our vibration throughout the week? A clear intention of what we are going to eat or how we are going to spend our time? A clear intention to be devoted to our rituals and our daily practices?

Intention shifts from dreams to manifestations. What intentions have you been setting lately and what has been manifesting?

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