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It's not a competition!

I think probably one of the largest things we get caught up in as a human being is comparing ourselves either to others or even to ourselves at a past time or future time. Of course I can't blame us, when we're living in one of the most competitive countries in the world.

That being said, think about how many of your thoughts throughout the day, especially even when you wake up or that of comparing yourself to what you did yesterday, to what you have to do tomorrow or what so and so is doing. What success others are having? What car they are now driving? How much are they paying for the same goods that we're getting? Does their business look better than mine? Their family seems to be happier than mine!

All these are small little thoughts that accumulate throughout the day but that speak volumes to what's really going on inside your head. Finding and catching yourself comparing yourself to others is not something you should be ashamed of but something that you should learn from.

There is one person in my life that I am always comparing myself to, I accept this about myself however it didn't used to be easy. It used to really make me feel down, unaccomplished, slacking and just not on my a-game. I got to the point where I was really hating this person, feeling really negatively towards them and judging them. Not to mention starting to feel really down on myself too! After some time however, I started to really look into my feelings and listen to them. Learning from exactly how I was feeling and trying to figure out why. Soon of course, I found out that all of my feelings were a mere reflection on myself. I was comparing myself because I wasn't happy with myself.

That my dear goddess, is the mere center of any comparison.

Remember that in your journey of becoming your best self, the only competition you should have is towards your better self, trying to catch up to her every single day and the best way possible through love and compassion. Don't ignore the moments however when that green little monster pops up and you start to feel down. Catch him, sit him down, talk to him, hold his hand and figure out why he's there!

You'd be surprised by taking the time to figure out this insecurity factor, you will soon start to grow and become stronger in your own self. Realizing that we are each here just to become our best selves, not better than anyone not less than anyone, simply our best sells everyday. Better than the last.

You My dear goddess, are perfect and amazing just the way you are.

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