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Root yourself like a tree and ground

Finally sitting down after ROOT CHAKRA number 8 healing! I am so honored and grateful to support so many people moving through these emotions and realizing how much it affects our body physically and biologically. So many releases from old ties old energies, pain, discomfort, lack of sleep and so much more. I am so proud of each and everyone of you and honored that you are feeling so much better! It is time to detox, rejuvenate and continue clearing and grounding for the rest of beautiful souls that are signing up for the remaining of these healings before we move on to sacral next week!! Remember that your root is your foundation. If your root chakra feels it is imbalanced, the rest of them are going to be imbalanced. This is the mama bear to all your energy points so getting her cleared and activated will bring so much more bliss into your life! So much love!!!

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