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How do you find yourself again? How do you get to know yourself after you've spent such a long time invested in a relationship that was traumatic and toxic? How do you remember who you are after you've been told for years everything and anything that is the opposite of what you feel true to your soul? How do you create a healthy relationship with the next person without bringing the trauma from the last? How do you feel good and trust your own decisions when you've been told before that you're always wrong and you make mistakes? How do you find yourself again? That first question leads to so many others. The answer to these questions is basically two things. Healing, and mindset reprogramming. Just like a computer, when you install a program into it, it does exactly what the program says it should do. We all come here with a beautiful program installed in us. Then slowly but surely as the days go by, with society, abuse, and negative experiences, bad relationships.... A virus starts to slowly develop within us, corroding everything that was once built and causing us to question our purpose, our Truth and our mission. I am a survivor of years of abuse, years of bad and toxic relationships, years of being under the microscope and being told that everything I do and I think and I intuitively trust is wrong. It's taken me years to find me again. And I'm here. Remembering. Rewiring. And Reawakening every single day. Come spend time with me, so that I can serve you and support you into remembering and reawakening who you are deep inside, and rewiring the mindset that you have acquired after years of toxicity. Together we are going to rebuild the original programming within you, empowering you from the soul within and reminding you who you truly are. Work with me for a month, 2 months or 3 months. Depending on your trauma and depending on your intention, we will find the appropriate time to spend together and together we will work on healing and reprogramming. I know firsthand what it's like to not remember who you are. What it's like to feel lost and alone and confused. Numb and unmotivated. To not know how to trust you own decisions, your own intuition. However remember this is your body telling you that you are not aligned, that you are not on the right path of what is in your highest good. And..,.That means there IS a path, that means you CAN be aligned, and that means there IS a choice. I'm proud of you already, I see you and I know you want to show up. It's hard to but it's more than worth it because you finally get to create the life you want. DM me for the link and we will get you started onto a path that truly Reawakens the Goddess within YOU. So much love! 🦋💚🧿

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