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Women's healing and empowerment retreat in Sedona Arizona

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Our retreats are the middle ground between very spiritual and relax r&r holistic healing. We blend these two and yet we appreciate the art of relaxation. We value personal insights and respect the desire for guidance. We self-reflect yet we also enjoy blowing off steam with some crazy fun. We crave a sweet treat and relish a farm to table meal. Organic and all inspired by local chefs. We are completely imperfect and are related by the opportunity to grow with you during this retreat.

With you in mind it is designed to bridge the gap between where you are in your life versus where you want to be.

Sedona has developed a reputation around the world as a spiritual place of enlightenment. You'll experience enough light and joy just by being in the presence of those incredible rugged red cliffs. We will be staying in a home surrounded by this backdrop and that color is strong enough to ground you at the same time and help you feel present and alive.

I know how important it is to take care of yourself physically , mentally and spiritually. And I'm going to be here for those 5 days to guide you through the process so that you will be your best version of yourself when you leave there.

This retreat will help you discover the Crystal clear vision of how you want to feel towards yourself, others and life. It will create a plan to realize your intentions and give you tools to actualize your desired life.

What makes this retreat so special? Well, you and me honestly, the energy that we will create is women between each other tethering our ties to create and empower each other is going to be something that you've never experienced. Surrounded by the private and stunning settings of this particular house is what also sets us apart. The vicinity of the red rocks and the energy between vortexes in Sedona offers a powerful environment for meditation and connection, and I can only imagine how you're going to sleep!

Connect with nature, mind, body and spirit in this beautiful setting, where peace and tranquility are abundant.

Guided yoga, and meditation and journaling practices are some of the things that you will experience during these five days and they will provide the framework for self-discovery and healing.

One day is set aside for chakra healing, massages and acupuncture and other holistic practices to spoil you and to get you back to center. This is the ideal place to unplug, slow down that fast pace, and get back in touch with nature and be more relaxed and refreshed than you've ever been. Become stronger mentally and find your inner peace.

A chance to get away and step aside from all the hustle and bustle of city life.

Sedona is special, and has a relaxed yet spiritual vibe and it is said to be full of incredible vortexes.

Vortex is thought to be a swirling center of energy that has powerful ability to heal, calm, and give insights and clarity to transform your life. These are places where the Earth seems especially alive with energy. You cannot see a vortex, but you most definitely will feel it. We will be taking a day tour over to the vortexes so that you can in person absorb these energies, ground and become an incredible version of yourself.

There's a limited number of eight reservations available for an intimate yet socially distanced experience.

Four nights accommodation

Daily meditation and yoga classes

Organic and locally inspired meals

(Except day of arrival)

Guided journal prompts and downtime to really process what we learn in class, heal and transmute into a better self. (Did I mention this house has two teepee's in the yard?!)

Your food is going to be prepared by a local chef. Some meals may be packed for our picnics on the vortex day. Please let me know of any allergies or food requirements.

This price will include breakfast, lunch and dinner, all inspired by organic farm to table local food. Prepared fresh everyday for us.

Dietary requirements and allergies can certainly be accommodated. We are fortunate that we will get to eat in a very nourishing and mindful way together.

Each day will start with optional early morning meditation, light breakfast, and yoga.

We will move on to our class learning about energies, rituals and better ways to get to know yourself and your purpose. Some days will include grounding, journaling and light class.

Following that we will have some free time. Dinner will be provided, and night time events will be announced.


Okay so each accommodation is priced out by the size of your bed! This made it so easy as it was a little complicated since there's so many cool options! Your price listed for your bed includes the entire package for the retreat! That is daily meals provided, the vortex tour, and any and all goodness including incredible goodie bags, I like to spoil! The only thing not included in your ticket is your airfare, transportation to and from the hotel and your meal the day of arrival. This just makes it easier as we will be scattering in the day of arrival.

Here's an explanation of the accommodations:


This incredible house has a guest house, that accommodates two queen beds in the form of a bunk and two twins in the form of a trundle.


This incredible beautiful house, includes two separate bedrooms with a king size bed, allowing you to either share that with a friend or just have your own incredible private space. Choose one of these two king size beds!

And this main house there's also a beautiful room that leads out to the back terrace. This room includes a bunk bed with two queen beds and a sofa bed. There's also a washer and dryer in this space. Think about waking up and just wandering out into the backyard, having your coffee and journaling in one of the teepees or under one of the patio shades.

Let me know if you have any questions and please do not hesitate to ask anything!

The closest airport is Sedona airport! Make sure to bring hiking shoes, layers of clothing, yoga attire, really chill relaxed attire, and one beautiful all white outfit for our special day together!

Much love and cannot wait to spoil you!

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